At Notabene we are locally based, with deep roots in Copenhagen and the city is one of the key elements in our DNA and for us this emphasize the personal and present aspect. Our new location has been carefully selected as our surroundings should reflect our own as well as our customers values, lifestyle and in a way personal opinion. At Møntergade, we are in the center of an eclectic mix of strong Danish fashion brands and restaurants, beautiful buildings, and a unique vibe only to be found in this area of Copenhagen.

Therefore, we are very pleased to invite you inside our new store Notabene Møntergade.


The Notabene universe unfolds across 3 floors which combined accommodates our creative visions, our dedication to the craft and the design in conjunction with our years of professionalism as well as our knowledge within shoemaking. Everything has been carefully combined in one conceptual store where we are ready to listen, provide guidance, inspire and polish (YES! We will polish your shoes as well!)


Enjoy a delicious freshly grained and brewed slow drip organic coffee or a glass of chilled crisp white wine while you wait for your shoes to be polished and taken care of. With N.B. Shoe Bar we wish to offer and convey sublime shoe care to everyone; All shoes and brands are welcome, and we take pride in up-shining even the most worn-out ones. Our known and personal service and the comfort in our shoes are unchanged, so is the team behind the brand and we continue to make a virtue out of offering an experience without comparison.